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Kristen Klauk
Administrative Lead

“UPS may love logistics, but I love them more.”

Kristen has worked remotely from Atlanta, Georgia for Heyman Associates team since 2011. With over a decade of administrative assistance under her belt, she still loves the thrill of putting the scheduling puzzle pieces together. She works closely with the firm’s executive staff and helps support President-Client Partner, Jessamyn Katz. Her attention to detail allows her to excel at managing calendars and coordinating both client and candidate interviews. With a love for logistics, she finds her career at Heyman Associates rewarding and fulfilling

Outside the office, she enjoys chasing her two young children, trying not to let her Golden Retriever, George Washington, escape the house, and playing golf with her husband. A novice gardener, she loves taking food she’s grown and transforming it into a meal for her family. She’ll take any chance she gets to go hiking as she thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in what feels like a previous life.

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