A Commitment to Supporting Your Development as a Leader

Whether you are an experienced leader or targeting your first director-level role, we are committed to helping you make the best possible decisions for your career.

We attribute our success to the deep, sincere relationships we forge with communications, public affairs, and marketing professionals. If you work in one of these fields and we haven’t yet met, we want to get to know you – even if you are not currently seeking a new opportunity.

Every resume submitted to us is reviewed by one or more associates who specialize in placing candidates with your particular background and geographic focus. You can submit your resume to us with the confidence that it will get the personalized attention it deserves.

If your background is appropriate for a current client assignment, we will schedule a follow-up discussion so that we can learn more about you, your capabilities and experience, and who you are as a person, including short- and long-term career goals. We will discuss the particular opportunity in detail and help determine if it is a potential fit for you and for our client.

When there is such a fit, we support each candidate throughout the search process while taking both confidentiality and open communication very seriously. Only one professional is selected for any given position, and we are sensitive about managing expectations and keeping you informed about constructive feedback from our clients.

If there is not an immediate fit with one of our searches, we will retain your resume in our database and continue to keep you in mind for suitable opportunities. We constantly review our database, and we have placed many professionals whom we first met through a simple resume submission. We take candidates seriously because you are the foundation of our success.