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Kira Levin
Senior Associate

"The most effective way to do it is to do it."
— Amelia Earhart

Kira is a Senior Associate and has been a part of the Heyman Associates team since 2019, based in the Bay Area, California. She supports a variety of searches in technology, higher education, and philanthropy. Her previous career as an elementary school teacher has given Kira the unique skills to engage with candidates and clients alike to meet their individual needs. She enjoys undertaking many searches at once and meeting with candidates and clients from various industries and sectors. She finds the relationship-building aspect of this career to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.


Kira received a bachelor’s degree in history and Spanish from the University of Arizona and a master’s degree in education from California State University, East Bay. When not sitting at her laptop, Kira is often found baking and cooking with her husband, riding her Peloton, reading the newest thriller, or exploring new cities and countries.

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