The State of Healthcare Communications 2016

We spoke with 100 top communicators in the healthcare industry. These infographics illustrate some key trends they have seen emerging in the field in recent years.

Top Trends from Top Communicators

Measurement and analytics are now key, and that is something that advocacy groups have really embraced. With communications being measured, it can now stand on equal footing with other business functions. Everything is being tied to the bottom line.

Even two years ago, we had no real social media presence, but we are taking that seriously today. We are working with an agency, but are also building the function in-house and integrating it into the business, getting government affairs and public policy functions on board as well.

Today's healthcare communications landscape has changed – particularly over the past ten years. See what other top communicators had to say. »

The Skills you Need to Succeed Today

Superb writing ability and the soft skills to navigate matrixed organizations have always been important, but the new landscape also calls for new skills. Our interviews showed that senior leaders are most interested in hiring communicators with deep knowledge of regulations affecting the industry (the ACA in particular), business acumen and comprehensive knowledge of digital content channels. See what skills are in demand now. »

The New Consumer-Patient-Advocate

Healthcare communicators are learning to focus squarely on quality of individual care and genuine engagement, which can make or break public perception and, more important, patient outcomes. View the full infographic »

Big Pharma IR v. Biotech IR

Different audiences. Different mediums. Different messages. In early-stage biotechs, the IR function is focused on a small audience of sophisticated investors and executives. It is a somewhat private communications function when compared to the IR operations of public Big Pharma companies. View the full infographic »

The Challenge of Direct Communication

Have digital technologies brought us closer together, or have they just built a buffer between healthcare communicators and their most important audience: the public (and especially patients)? View the full infographic »

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For over 25 years, Heyman Associates has specialized in placing top communicators at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, industry associations and other healthcare organizations. If you are a senior healthcare communicator seeking to add to your team or exploring opportunities, we welcome you to contact the head of our healthcare practice, Lisa A. Ryan.

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