Plugged in to the Evolving World of Communications and Marketing

Executive search is about asking "What's next?" – for clients and candidates. We keep ahead of the trends by maintaining a dialogue with the key thought leaders.

How is corporate responsibility transforming the way companies engage with their most important audiences? What are the emerging technologies in digital marketing? What are the best and brightest communicators and marketers most concerned about today?

We are always trying to answer those questions by engaging with the leaders who live and breath these issues every day. Central to those efforts is our involvement in a wide variety of professional organizations, including Page and Page Up, the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama, the Seminar, the Communications Advisory Council for the College of Charleston, the Institute for Public Relations, and PRSA.

It is one of many ways we keep in touch and build long-term relationships. Here's a sampling of what we're talking about right now: