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Our Process

Each search we handle is unique. You will have your own distinct set of challenges and requirements and, at the outset, we take the time to learn about your organization, its culture, and the specific challenges of the role you are seeking to fill. Armed with that knowledge, we can place the right person for your organization, in a particular office, working with particular people.

Then we put our experience to work. We pair the knowledge developed conducting a great number of searches in the communications field with what we have learned about your needs and your culture to determine the experience, skill set and personality type of the right person for the position.

Next, we identify a selection of outstanding candidates, compile comprehensive candidate profiles, manage the interview process, and help with final negotiations with your preferred candidate. The result is the right person for what you need now – and for what you will need in the future.

Intangibles Matter

We take fit seriously. It is just as important for us to get to know the candidates, their career aspirations and their personalities as it is for us to come to understand your company; fit is often determined just as much by the chemistry between an organization’s chief executive and a candidate as it is by matching skills and needs. Because we spend all our time in one field, we know the people well. We are good at matching the right person with the right organization.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We make every effort to present you with a slate of candidates from diverse backgrounds. Long committed to promoting diversity in the workplace, our diversity placement rate (over 18%) is well above the industry average. We also place male to female candidates at equal rates. Historically, we have been able to present a racially and ethnically diverse candidate slate in 80% of our searches. Our aim is to achieve that 100% of the time.

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